Adding a water feature to your property introduces opportunity for relaxation, peaceful enjoyment and beauty. Water features include ponds, water gardens, patio ponds, water urns, basalt water columns, and all types of ornate water fountains! One of the more popular water features with Charlotte homeowners is an in-ground irrigation systems.

Elements of Charlotte works with homeowners in designing, building, servicing and maintaining any type of water feature. We design and build ponds, water gardens, waterfalls, streams, patio ponds, urban ponds, rainwater harvesting systems, residential irrigation systems, and every type of water fountain or feature!

The choice to introduce a water feature is really up to you and how you want to use your property. We have water feature clients who have a large pond in their backyard and install a beautiful stone basalt water column at their front entrance. Water features add beauty, focal point, and accent your home's creative side to bring you visual entertainment, tranquility, and sounds of joy.


Literally, there are thousands of water feature choices that we can design, build, install and maintain! The most popular water features are ponds and water fountains. And even inside those categories there are thousands of choices!

Ponds & Water Gardens. The tranquil beauty of a pond or water garden on your property introduces a new opportunity for you to expand and enjoy your outdoor living spaces even further. The sound of moving water, the sight of butterflies and dragonflies, the beauty of the water lilies and unique water plants, and the elegant movement of Koi fish bring so much beauty and life to your outdoor oasis.

Water Fountains. Water fountains are available in so many different styles, designs and sizes. From the very ornate to the small, water fountains are very popular water features with homeowners. Fountains are easier to maintain that ponds and bring a different type of beauty to your yard.


Water Urns & Basalt Columns. Beautiful and colorful water urns and basalt columns introduce an alluring focal point to your yard. Water urns and basalt columns often are presented at the front entry of the house to make a statement of design and greet visitors as they arrive. But water urns and basalt columns also make wonderful water features on the back side of your home near the patio, gazebo, pool or outdoor kitchen.


Waterfalls & Streams. The sounds from a waterfall and stream are the sounds that we all like to have in our minds when we think of relaxation and peaceful settings. We design and build waterfalls and streams incorporating beautiful stones and rocks mingling with unique water lilies and plant life throughout the water feature. Waterfalls and streams are definitely rising in popularity with Charlotte homeowners!


Pondless Waterfalls. Pondless waterfalls are beautiful waterfalls and water features without an actual pond. The water is collected at the base of the waterfall and mechanically recycled to the waterfall. These pondless waterfalls are beautiful and perfect for a homeowner who does not want to maintain a full pond or is constrained by space.


Irrigation Systems. Elements of Charlotte designs, installs, maintains and repairs residential irrigation systems. New in-ground irrigation technology brings homeowners new choices to control when, how often and how much irrigation is fed to your property. We service and repair any irrigation system, regardless of who installed it!


Whatever water feature you would like to have on your property, Elements of Charlotte can design, build, install and maintain it. Please call us at 704-359-7181 or Contact Us to schedule an appointment to talk about a new water feature on your property!

I love my pond and waterfall! This is the best investment we have made in our outdoor area. Joseph and Mario are fantastic at maintaining our pond. Our next step is to introduce Koi fish and we are very excited about that. I highly recommend Elements of Charlotte if you want to build a pond at your house.

-Rachel Livingstone, Charlotte

Types of Water Features from Elements of Charlotte - We Design, Install & Build!