Elements of Charlotte designs and builds beautiful ponds, water gardens, patio and urban ponds, water scapes, waterfalls, streams, rainwater harvesting systems and everything in between! One of our goals is to make your pond and water garden appear "naturally," like it has been on your property for many, many years!

Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Re-energize. Peaceful enjoyment. Stress reduction. These are the major reasons that Charlotte homeowners build or makeover their ponds and water gardens.

Elements of Charlotte is an experienced, professional pond and water garden design, build and maintenance company. We build ponds in any shape and size. Some of the prettiest ponds we have worked on really have no "shape" to them. They just "exist" like they were naturally formed by Nature.

Where do you start with building a new pond or water garden? We like to suggest to our clients that you start planning by looking in outdoor living magazines and on the Internet. You can find wonderful inspiration and ideas on elements that you would like to include in your pond. Or maybe you like a variety of pond lily. We can design a natural pond around a specific plant. Or you like a specific type of stone or rock, we can design a natural pond around these materials. Whatever type of pond size and shape you want, Elements of Charlotte can make it happen!

The 12' x 15' pondless waterfall that Joseph and Elements of Charlotte designed and built for us is fantastic! Just about every night we can, we sit near the pond and listen to the falling water and watch the birds and butterflies fly in and out of the pond. In the summer, the lightning bugs love the pond!

-The Peterson Family, Charlotte


Elements of Charlotte designs, builds, services and maintains ponds - and it doesn't matter if somebody else originally built your pond! Because of our turnkey design solutions, we can take your existing pond and transform it into a completely different feature. We are a full-service, turnkey pond design, build, service and pond maintenance company.

Pond Design. Pond design from Elements of Charlotte begins with your ideas and vision for what you want in a natural pond, waterfall or water garden. We then take your ideas and design a water feature on paper adding in organic accents and natural materials. Beautiful stones. Unique plants. Natural "fall" of the water. The sounds of the pond. These are all included in your pond's unique creative design!

Pond Construction. Once we have the design of the pond completed, we move into the build and construction phase. Most new ponds begin with either the laying out of the garden hose or rope to select the general "shape" or location of the pond. This is where we bring out our famous Fluorescent Orange Spray Paint! We use what the property tells us as a guide to layout your pond. We are concerned about water movement, property slope, soil consistency, possible erosion, and other important construction concerns. The actual construction of a pond ranges from three days to several weeks depending on the complexity and size.


Pond Maintenance. Elements of Charlotte provides our pond customers with professional, experienced pond maintenance plans and programs. We can provide maintenance weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annually with our Spring pond cleanouts. See our pond maintenance programs and costs here.

Types of Ponds, Water Gardens and Water Features that We Design + Build