Elements of Charlotte designs and builds pergolas and arbors as a garden feature focal point that can form a shaded walkway or sitting area. Our homeowners often train flowering and woody vines to grow across and around the structures. Pergolas and arbors are also used as an extension of a house or pool building, or serve as protection for an open patio or garden area in your yard.

Pergolas can extend from your home's doorway to an open garden feature like an isolated terrace or pool. Freestanding pergolas, those not attached to a home or other structure, provide a sitting area that allows for breeze and light sun, but offer protection from the harsh glare of direct sunlight. Pergolas also give climbing plants a structure on which to grow. Nothing can give a yard more color, creativity and functionality than a beautiful pergola with flowering vines!

Most pergolas that Elements of Charlotte designs and builds are made of wood, rather than stone or rock. We like to suggest that a pergola be made from a weather-resistant wood, like Western Red Cedar.

A garden arbor, sometimes referred to as a garden trellis, is a smaller backyard structure than its cousin the pergola. Arbors and trellises serve as decorative archways into gardens or other areas of the property and are usually trained with vines and flowers. Some arbors even have gates that serve as an "open and close" area of entrance to a formal garden. And some arbors or trellises are located next to a patio or house to add beauty or garden elements to a patio or pond area.


Elements of Charlotte can design and build any size or type of pergola, arbor, trellis or gazebo structure for your property. Call us at 704-359-7181 or Contact Us to ask about adding a pergola, arbor, trellis or gazebo to your home! We also can can suggest, plant and train crawling vines and flowers to your pergola, trellis or arbor!


Proper maintenance and care for your pergola and arbor are easy to do to keep your investment looking its best for years to come. Just some simple maintenance and care will keep your structure strong, safe and beautiful!

Our Elements of Charlotte wooden pergolas are made with 100% top-grade Western Red Cedar, a durable, superior-quality wood, which possesses natural oils that give it an innate resistance to insects and decay in our area. You can preserve the radiance of the wood, and protect it from the effects of the weather by applying a water-repellent sealer. At Elements of Charlotte, we use Cabot 3000 stain and sealer, because the Cabot line of products are richly-pigmented, deep-penetrating, linseed oil-based stains that provide long lasting beauty and wood protection for your cedar pergola.

When our clients select to use pine lumber for their pergolas, we select top-grade, southern yellow pine, which is kiln-dried before and after treatment to help to prevent decay and insect damage. To maintain the beauty of the wood, and to minimize warping, cracking, and splitting, we recommend that you also apply a water-repellent sealer to your pine pergola. You may also use a tinted sealer on your newly-assembled pergola. You can stain/seal your pergola right away to preserve its original appearance, or wait until it has weathered naturally to a point that suits you, then use a water-repellent clear sealer, to keep the rustic gray color.

Types of Pergolas, Arbors & Trellises from Elements of Charlotte

  • Wooden Arbors
  • Metal Arbors
  • Iron Arbors
  • Arbor Benches
  • Arbor Swings
  • Wooden Pergolas & Trellises
  • Metal Pergolas & Trellises
  • Pergola Benches & Swings
  • Cedar Pergolas & Arbors
  • Prices from $450 Installed!